ROALU S.A. recognizes QUALITY and CUSTOMER SERVICE as a basic support of its Management Policy for its activity (The marketing and distribution of items for the hotel and catering industry) and establishes the following general principles for its application:

  • Achieve customer satisfaction through the marketing and delivery of products with quality, term and appropriate use, complying with the specified requirements and applicable regulations.

  • Promote the increase of said satisfaction over time, determining and evaluating the client's perception regarding the fulfillment of their requirements.

  • Define, implement and keep up to date a Quality Management System, supervising the functions and responsibilities necessary to manage and verify the Management System..

  • Continually improve internal management, preventing and avoiding non-conformities and quality deficiencies and promoting the increase of the effectiveness and efficiency of the activities carried out.

In relation to the Quality Policy and objectives and the implementation and up-to-date maintenance of the Quality System, the Management of ROALU motivates that each member of the company is responsible for the quality of their work, since each one is considered with responsibility and ability to work in a way of self-control and responding to such quality.


                                                                               ROALU S.A.

                                                                             Since 1.898

September 18, 2019

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